Consolidating email accounts to gmail

To me this looks horrible and I don’t want other people seeing my personal Gmail account.So instead I still have multiple accounts configured locally in Outlook 2007 but I wanted to make sure that all sent mail was located in one place which would be the “Sent Items” folder of the primary Gmail account.EDITOR'S NOTE: That will bring in the mail, but not the contact lists. :-) I have 5 or so e Mail accounts and use Mozilla Thunderbird to access them all from the one location.I use the portable version which comes with portable apps, run from a USB stick, which allows me to use my e Mail with my settings from any computer. People go way overboard with the number of email accounts they use.If you use MS Hotmail you can also forward/receive e-mail from other accounts by selecting 'options' then 'Send & receive mail from other e-mail accounts'.

Or, if there is a way, I couldn't find it in the Gmail help files.

The multiple accounts only need to be set up once, and the mail from each account can be delivered to a single local local inbox. I've had the same primary email account with Yahoo for 12 years. Thank You I find that an easy way to keep track of all my e-mail addresses is to use Webmail Notifier for Mozilla Firefox.

I use others strictly as "throwaways." The final step that should be added to your article is to use a email client on your PC and use the POP function to download it all. Been fooling around with Outlook, Thunderbird, Ypops etc. I never have to check manually, other than the occasional bug.

I'd like to consolidate the filters, labels, and of course, all the messages, from two different Gmail accounts into one Gmail account.

And I would like to preserve the labels I have affixed to hundreds, nay, thousands of archived messages.

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