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Overall occupational growth Best opportunities by industry For the foreseeable future, the demand of highly skilled IT professionals is expected to outpace the supply, according to human resource consulting firm Robert Half.Specifically, Robert Half predicts companies will be seeking talent in three major areas: big data, security and mobile. Employers across industry sectors have built those three areas into the core components of their infrastructure, products and services.The information technology industry employs nearly 6 million individuals across a range of industries, from technology to healthcare, finance and education. hardware, services, software) to develop, manage, transform, share and store information in different forms.As an occupational field, information technology is projected to be one of the fastest growing in the nation, collectively producing 18 percent additional job openings nationally between 20. Example components of information technology include the following: Careers in information technology deal with the design, creation, management and maintenance of the varied components of the system, including software, hardware, networks, systems integration and multimedia.I am a tenured associate professor of information systems.My job is to teach, perform research and help support the university and community through service.Data has become a commodity and technology is moving from the desktop to watches and eyeglasses.These technological advancements have created a world of endless possibilities where the exchange of information has become sacrosanct and the world has become slightly smaller.

Globally, e Marketer projects there will be more than 2 billion smartphone users by 2016. Start-up Snapchat is floating a billion valuation in 2015; Dropbox, billion; and Uber, billion.

In turn, what does this mean for the current information technology industry? Dana Edberg is an associate professor at the University of Reno, Nevada.

Prior to entering the teaching world, Edberg combined her knowledge of business and technology as a programmer and technical support representative/project manager.

Information technology drives the dynamic information infrastructure that has become integrated on a global scale socially, culturally, and economically. At the end of 2014, there were more than 1 billion websites on the Internet.

Broadly, information technology can be defined as the use of computing via various components (e.g.

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