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She prefers to be called by her last name, and her favorite animal is the raven.

████████ Kondraki: An upperclassman and captain of the fencing team, he is extremely arrogant and abrasive to those who he doesn't consider one of his henchmen. He doesn't talk a lot, is usually emotionless, and isn't seen around the school grounds very much, either.

An infamous bully, you manage to accidentally get on the bad side of his cohorts on your first day at school. Keeping to the administrative hall of the Academy, a lot of students think that he might secretly be a robot with human skin. Bright: The vice-principal of Cheyenne Point Academy, he is aloof, sarcastic, and feared for his strict punishments.

When placed into any PC with a supported Windows operating system, the disc appears to contain a Japanese-style "dating-sim" visual novel program in English.Your name is [REDACTED], and even though you've never had much luck with girls, your luck is about to change! ██████: You are a new transfer student at the prestigious Cheyenne Point Academy and have moved to the city of Cheyenne Point after having a nervous breakdown at your old school.You've just moved to the beautiful city of Cheyenne Point, and with a new school comes new opportunities to find friends and love in the shadow of [DATA EXPUNGED]. A caring person, you have nonetheless never seemed to have much luck with girls, but with a fresh start in a new environment, maybe that will change!The title of the software is "The Sisters of Cheyenne Point" by "Superstar Catalyst Project".SCP-069 is reportedly "very well written" and "decently drawn", according to male test subjects who have been exposed to the software.

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