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No warnings were issued and the couple were given no opportunity to surrender.Clyde died instantly - the first shot took off the top of his head.When her family asked for them to be returned, their request was refused. Even the 'Death Car', as it was known, became the subject of a bitter battle.Although it had originally been stolen by Bonnie and Clyde from Ruth Warren of Topeka, Kansas, the local Parish Sheriff in Arcadia, Henderson Jordan, a member of Hamer's six-man posse, claimed it as his own.

On the day of their demise, Clyde Barrow, who was just 25, was driving along in his socks, while Bonnie was eating a sandwich in the passenger seat.One man even offered Clyde's father £7,500 for the corpse.Bonnie Parker's mother, Emma, estimated that 20,000 people filed past her open casket - although for the most part they remained orderly. But amidst all the hype and hoopla, one truth remains.It made her and Clyde Barrow as famous as baseball player Babe Ruth or film star Mary Pickford. Parker didn't smoke cigars and she almost certainly never fired a shot.Clyde Barrow had mocked up the photograph to sustain their myth as glamorous gangsters.

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