Chilli and lasse dating

Although, the people are hanging me and other fans out to dry for the meanwhile I'm wishing Lasse and Chilli lots of love and luck.

There's nothing better than new love, especially when it's with someone that looks like this.

BOSSIP can exclusively confirm that Chilli has been happily dating working actor Brad James quietly under the radar for the past six months.

When members of Gothic Plague left because of other interests, Bellamy and Howard asked Wolstenholme to join.Okay, I'm a romantic and I really would like to see these two together.They seem to have such great chemistry, look wonderful together and would have some darling babies.On the show she helped him pick out his outfit and that's where the fun began.Since he's a model the man has no issue stripping in the middle of a retail store and changing clothes.

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