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Which one, I leave for you to choose."Ginger sighed with resignation."The strap-on, please, Miss Rogers." she stated."A wise choice, Miss Willis," Miss Rogers told her, "I would hate that lovely bum to get marked by a cane."She moved behind Ginger, stroking the cheeks of Ginger's bum, fingers sliding into the crack, making Ginger squirm as much as her restraints would allow.The teacher moved so Ginger could watch, as she took her clothing off.She was about thirty-five, tall, around five foot ten, slim and shapely.Her severe-looking dress slipped to the floor, showing very sexy black lace bra and pants set.She saw the legs seemed to be screwed to the wooden floorboards.Her legs were pulled apart, and the ankles clipped into restraints on those table legs."Mmm, that does sound like fun," she admitted, "I will have to see what I can do, to make it come true. It felt so much longer than one week, since she started as Games Mistress at Saint Libido's Unisexual Tutorial School, known as SLUTS, and found a lover, and partner-in-mischief in Ginger, leader of the Gay Girls Group. "She looked at the girls, and at the avid interest on some of the faces."If you are interested in knowing more, come to room two-forty before bedtime," she went on, "okay?She fell asleep, idly wondering what Ginger had meant by that comment, "I will have to see what I can do."The following evening found Ginger visiting the First Form common room, noticing that most of the fifty or so first formers seemed to be present. And can we keep this just between ourselves, please?

Her fingers slid into Ginger's wetness, rubbing inside, even as Ginger's fingers entered her.

Brief experimenting told her she was held, helpless.

Miss Rogers went around her to a wall cupboard, and pulled out an old-fashioned cane, bamboo, by the look of it.

""No Miss, Sorry Miss," Ginger said, standing up and retrieving her shorts from the floor."I think this needs dealing with right now," Miss Rogers told her, "I will not have this kind of behavior.

Come with me.""Yes Miss," said Ginger, bending to put her shorts on."No, leave those," Miss Rogers ordered, "you were not wanting to wear them a few minutes ago."Ginger followed her from the room, blushing crimson as she walked along in just her tiny crop top.

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