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I always said when I transition I will seek a professional doctor and seek therapy first. Because it's cheaper to buy hormones and silicone off the streets.... Not judging but if something was to go wrong, I'd want a professional doctor to sue!

Here is Shelter City's season premiere episode "Erica's Secret". After fainting in the park, she finds herself at the hospital where her brother Andrew is a physician.

Angelique: As an adult, today at 45 years old, looking back over my life I truly feel I am survivor and hopefully can be an inspiration to the trans youth that may be battling similar struggles throughout their life.

I've had many obstacles in my life since I was a child and I believe each has made me into the strong person I am today!

I've always felt a hole of emptiness inside me because I was born with male parts and not female. I had no clue as a child that I was born As early as I can remember, my life has been a struggle; I've survived emotional, sexual, mental and physical abuse. It's been a long and rough hard road and now all that's behind me and I am finally in control of my life, and I will not allow anyone to harm me in any way ever again.

Angelique: Well this Halloween 10/31/15, marks my 20 year anniversary of being Angelique!

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In 2002, she formed Deep Stealth Productions in Hollywood with Andrea James.I know my drag career is coming to an end or let's just say it was a good time and thank you for the memories!As I move forward in my life I'm taking this person that I created "Angelique Munro" back to television!The blog is about women that proved to me that there is hope for me and it is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Angelique Munro, an American entertainer, TV Talk Show Host, show director & transgender - HIV/AIDS advocate and motivational speaker. Oh I think I always knew as a child that I was born in the wrong body.

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