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When my fiancé told her that we weren’t having babies at the wedding, she went ballistic.

She claims that, since her whole family will be at the wedding and her husband’s family is not an option, she will have no one to watch the baby and that, if we can’t make an exception for her, then she will not be in the bridal party or attend the wedding.

You said yourself, the wedding venue is not an appropriate place for a baby. And your SIL isn’t just talking about bringing her baby — she wants him in the wedding party as a ring bearer! I can see it now: you have to wait 20 minutes to walk down the aisle because baby ring bearer is starving and needs to nurse before he makes his grand entrance. You don’t want screaming babies and blow-out diapers.

So now they are at a stalemate, and neither one will cave.Call your SIL’s bluff and tell her that you want very much for her to be at and in your wedding but that you simply cannot allow babies to be in attendance.If she can’t find a sitter in the next six months — a sitter you’ve offered to pay for — then tell her you will miss her and leave it at that.You likely have many decades ahead as this woman’s family member, so set a precedent and establish boundaries NOW for what kind of behavior will and won’t be tolerated, and let your SIL know you will not be bullied.Also, keep in mind that if you make an exception for her and allow her to bring her baby, you have to do the same for the parents of your niece as well or there will likely be hurt feelings and resentment from them.

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