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I loved him more than anything." Hotel heiress Paris Hilton stunned airline officials on a recent flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles -- by trying to bring her pet goat on board.

The blonde beauty had purchased three new pets -- the goat, a ferret and a monkey -- on her trip to Sin City and wanted to jet them all back to her Beverly Hills home.

recently proved he's his own biggest fan -- by tattooing his own image on his body.

The star, 38, visited the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood last month, where he got a large image of himself etched into his left bicep.

She's getting to a more de-stressed place, spiritually, mentally and emotionally." "Star Trek" actor Patrick Stewart is dating an up-and-coming actress nearly 40 years his junior, following his split from his producer wife Wendy Neuss .

The 63-year-old star and Lisa Dillon, 24, played lovers on the London stage in "The Master Builder" last year, and their romance has now blossomed in real life, even though Dillon is younger than Stewart's two children, Sophie and Daniel.

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The funnyman paid tribute to his companion at the premiere by taking along his late pal's collar as a memento. He went in for a little operation and the man didn't wake up so we're all really upset about it. I felt bad leaving the house without him so I just brought his collar.

"He is incredibly attentive to Lisa, and quick to introduce her to his theatrical contemporaries.

Despite the age gap, they have an awful lot in common." Actor John Hurt has been ejected from a London lap-dancing bar for being drunkenly offensive to staff.

A source says, "It has his face with a body all chiseled.

It is one of the weirdest tattoos I have ever seen.

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