Big pond online dating

In fact, physicist, NASA roboticist and “What If” author Randall Munroe says that, scientifically speaking, it’s impossible. Or intermediaries from helping them make that impossible dream their reality — or a reasonably suitable facsimile of it.The math behind his claim suggests that finding someone’s honest-to-goodness soulmate is a once in every 10,000 lifetimes kind of thing. Before online matchmaking intermediaries like and Tinder tried their hand at increasing those odds, there was Frigyes Karinthy, Six Degrees, Friendster, not to mention village matchmakers. Please Don’t Make Me Kiss a Thousand Frogs For millenia, people living in isolated villages and towns found it hard to meet anyone beyond the borders of the small communities in which they lived and worked, never mind their perfect soulmate.

But it’s Weinreich’s Six Degrees patent — giving people the ability to see people they do not know by making the friends of their friends and their friends’ friends visible online — that’s become the underpinning of online social networking.The story of Facebook and its rise over the last 14 years as the world’s most powerful social network icon is, of course, well known.Zuckerberg and his co-founders chose an ignition strategy that, first, built critical mass one college campus at a time.Like Friendster and Six Degrees, friends of friends of friends were visible to users and their own network of friends.Like Friendster and Six Degrees, access to a trusted network of those friends of friends of friends was the big draw.

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