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Step 6: Publish: After you’re finished, both you and the narrator must confirm that the audiobook is ready for release.Sell Paperback Books on Amazon Using Create Space Here’s how to self-publish a paperback book with : Set up Your Account: Make sure you provide all the necessary information, including your tax information and bank account information so that Amazon can pay royalties on your book sales.You will pay them later by offering a percentage of your royalties.

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Step 3: Convert Your Manuscript to Mobi: Although KDP supports a variety of formats, such as , PDF, e Pub, and RTF, experts recommend uploading your document as Mobi, a format unique to Kindle. All you have to do next is set your prices and publish.In this first video, you'll see Matt record a small section of "The Katar Legacy" by Tobin Loshento (to be release Q1 2013).This take is with the raw audio, and has a lot of mistakes.Don’t ask a friend who just discovered Photoshop to give it a try.Check out 99Designs and Crowdspring for affordable design services.

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