Being successful in online dating speed dating canton

It seems obvious to say an attractive photo is best, but try and include features such as a genuine smile that crinkles up the eyes, and possibly a tilt of the head.Women seeking men should wear red to boost the level of interest.

The study findings were pooled and synthesised to come up with a list of dos and don’ts for online dating, from creating a profile to making online contact.

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have taken an evidence-based approach to the ancient pursuit of dating, by carrying out a systematic review on converting online contact into a first date.

Published in the journal Evidence Based Medicine, the study analysed published research on the art of attraction and persuasion – in the fields of psychology and sociology, as well as computer, behavioural, and neurocognitive science – in order to reveal the most effective approaches between men and women in converting online contact into a first date.

Susie says: “Someone asked me if I was a ‘cat or dog’ person, another what my favourite genre of food was.

These are an excellent platform from which sparks can fly.” That is all.

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