Baby dating chart

This may make your bump appear smaller, even if your baby is the right size.

The position your baby’s lying in, and your own height, shape and tummy muscles can all affect the measurement too. Your baby may appear small for a while and then have a growth spurt.

A growth scan can measure different parts of your baby’s body.

You’ll probably have another scan two weeks or three weeks later to see how your baby has grown in that time.

Some babies are smaller than average because the people in their family just happen to be small.

Others are small because of their ethnic background.

So when you’re 32 weeks pregnant, your measurement should be somewhere between 30cm and 34cm (12 in and 13 in).

Your midwife may also use a customised growth chart.

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Each time your baby is scanned, the sonographer can take detailed measurements that will give a clear picture of how he’s doing.You’ll be an outpatient, so you won’t be admitted to hospital overnight.However, if your baby’s growth suddenly slows a lot you may need to be admitted to hospital.Your doctor may also want to record your baby’s heartbeat using a cardiotocograph (CTG).Some hospitals have day assessment units where these tests can be carried out.

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