Azdgdating in israel

I was determined to rid my country of Hezbollah so we can be free to practice true Islam.By day the men in our family would tend to business back in our village but at night they’d return to the safety of the south.I slipped out of the camp and hitched rides and walked and ran, until I reached the Israeli Army base in the south.I met with him privately and told him I wanted to work for Israel from within Hezbollah.

For security reasons, I cannot discuss details of my time in Hezbollah.But I will tell you about that first attack I prevented.I decided to do something else: I would try to join the inner circle of Hezbollah, in the hope to help Israel.Besides, I had now read the Koran and knew that what he was saying was baseless.After my new realizations while imprisoned, I knew I would not follow this sheikh’s exhortation.[The Koran incorporates much of the Chumash, with some specific changes according to Islamic belief.] I started to believe that God was watching over me and didn’t want me to die.

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