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) the default template, admin e-mail, amount of the content to be shown in the specified areas, etc.

That's a big disadvantage to have something like that on the site.


Imported Excel data types are: integer, float, string (compressed Unicode,8-bits per character, or uncompressed Unicode, 16-bits per character, formats), date, time, percent, formula (returns digits only).Sun, galaxy stars azdg dating search engine movies they choose to make a free payment.SEF options This is the section to configure such called “short URL” –s which are helpful for the site optimization and best indexing by the search engines.However, as you can see above, this section is to be used by a specialist only, as an ordinary user will not be able to define what to change there, why and how.First of all, when you create a moderator, or any other registration, there must be a field to retype the password in order to avoid problems with mistyped passwords.

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