Aviation dating website

It’s a new website inspired by the season 4 episode “Hang the DJ,” in which a dating device known as Coach determines the length of a couple’s relationship.

The website, coach.dating, asks you to “put your trust in the system,” which presumably also means putting a damper on any romantic thoughts that might cross your mind today. Then you’ll both be prompted to click Coach’s interface, at which time the device will reveal exactly how many more years, days, or minutes you have left in your current relationship.

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Learn more NGPA isn’t just about large group events; our rapidly-growing list of local groups, both in the U.

If not, you can just close the tab and hold that expiration date in the back of your mind for years to come. There’s no day like Valentine’s Day to remind you that your relationship probably won’t last forever!

Since its inception in 2005, funds and investment platforms managed by Castlelake have invested in approximately 440 aircraft and 950 engines across multiple aircraft and engine types.* The firm is one of the world’s top aviation lessors by fleet size and a committed participant in the aviation sector.

Aviation investments managed by Castlelake are focused on in-production, younger mid-life and older vintage aircraft.

The firm’s core competencies center on commercial aviation, short and long-term aircraft and engine leasing, as well as investments in airframe and engine disassembly projects.

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