Aston merrygold dating stacey x factor

It was massive [Charlotte's improvement] I loved what she did and I loved dancing it.

"This is the problem, it felt so good dancing it and when you get someone saying 'rise and fall'.

The former JLS star also said he has never had official dance training and that he was just “lucky” to be able to dance in a boy band as part of his career.Hitting back at claims he has an unfair advantage in the TV competition because of his background, Merrygold said: “People assume that I’m trained because I danced in a boy band.“I’ve never stepped into a dance class, I’ve never had a teacher before, I just used to watch Michael Jackson videos and Justin Timberlake videos, and just used to enjoy it.Aston Merrygold’s net worth is around £6 million pound.Strictly Come Dancing professional Brendan Cole was on Good Morning Britain to talk about his spat with Shirley Ballas over the weekend and defend his dance partner Charlotte Hawkins. "You could argue with anybody you could say Aston Merrygold didn't do a proper Cha Cha – he did an amazing Cha Cha.

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