Asp gridview rowupdating

I want to use this method so I can do an update in grid view directly. Grid Views can bind to Data Tables, Data Views, Arrays of Objects ..more.I've never actually used the Sql Data Source before. So, you need to populate the object that you are going to use as your data source at some point in your page life cycle.I'm not sure what you're stuck on so if you provide more information I can give you more help on the topic.-Frinny @Frinavale sorry frinny for my titile i use......Wouldn't it be easier if you just had to call it once?

I'm not even sure you have a question at this point...Anyways, once you've populated your data source (or retrieved it from cache) you set the Grid View.Data Source property to the object you are the Grid [email protected] Now I get the answer your mean is that when we bind the data at page load event.the view state is already loaded with previous value & that value again saved in a view state so the same data is displayed again & again whether you edit the data in a grid view or not. other thing i want to know what about the load postback event that is also fire between pageprerender & page load .

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