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Sincere thanks are due to Program Director Helena Kolenda for her robust enthusiasm for the project and to the Luce Foundation for the grant that made this possible.Through dedicated outreach, the project has yielded more than 1,300 objects from over 30 institutions.Since its start in July 2016, the Georgetown-IDP project on North American Collections has made great progress thanks to generous support from the Luce Foundation and active participation of over thirty institutions.It is with great pleasure that I present the following summary of this ongoing project in this special issue of IDP News, made possible by the Dunhuang Foundation US.The Dunhuang Foundation US supported travel for our group meetings in Washington, DC last November and in New York City this April to discuss the progress of the project and to view paintings and sculptures at the Brooklyn Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art.Closer to home, Miki and I examined paintings in Washington, DC’s Arthur M.Altogether, the project has reached out to more than 500 North American institutions.To date, more than 1300 manuscripts, objects, and archival materials have been identifed as fitting within the scope of IDP.

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During my time as Georgetown-IDP Research Fellow, I have contacted institutions with known holdings of IDP-related pieces.

Former Art and Art History librarian Anna Simon was particularly helpful in publicizing and supporting the project in its early stages.

Moving forward, plans are currently underway for a series of on-site workshops in museums and libraries that will provide opportunities for hands-on engagement with a selection of these artefacts.

The officers attending at the scene believed that she was the victim of child sexual exploitation by LL and potentially the other males.

She was immediately conveyed to, and placed in, a safe house.'The judge concluded: 'That this case concludes now with the local authority seeking no further injunctive order does not reflect a failure on the part of the safeguarding investigation; nor does it reflect an overly-hasty rush to justice without proper consideration of the evidence.'Tragically, she has been the victim of physical, emotional and sexual abuse from different quarters over a number of years.

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