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Tom sees the kiss from the balcony but not the slap.When Tom confronts her in their room, Sarah finds Wendy's bra.They go sightseeing, but Tom quickly gets bored and abandons Sarah so he can watch sports in a bar.Sarah runs into Peter, who is staying at their hotel on business.Flying to Europe for their honeymoon, they attempt to consummate their marriage by joining the mile high club, but fail rather publicly.They arrive at their classy hotel at the foot of the Alps to find that Peter has sent them a bottle of cognac "with love", while Tom's friend Kyle has sent them a Thunderstick A-200 sex toy.

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Upon receiving advice from his father, Tom attempts to see Sarah at her family's estate, but gives up after unsuccessfully trying to ram the gate.

Peter bursts in to ask Sarah to run away with him to Seattle, leading to a fight that lands Tom and Sarah in jail – still without consummating their marriage.

Peter bails them out and the couple angrily decide to go home to Los Angeles, returning to the opening moments of the film.

Just Married is a 2003 American romantic comedy film directed by Shawn Levy, written by Sam Harper, and stars Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy.

Produced by Robert Simonds, the film was successful at the box office despite generally negative critical reviews.

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