Ashley morgan scammer on dating sites

Suspect you may be dealing with a Nigerian scammer?

Here is a wonderful list originally compiled by the Romancescams Yahoo group, but modified and extended by us.

You can call me “Blue Eyes NC” now – but that’s about the only truthful piece of information I entered in the gigantic Ashley Madison database in the sky—or cloud.

Immediately, I was directed to the site for gay married folks (hurrah for marriage equality!

Millions of members who thought their extramarital (or at least extra-curricular) secrets were safe are now facing exposure. -- Be suspicious about any site that asks for your personal information, even more so when you’re asked to divulge what’s called “personally identifiable information” (including sexual fantasies).

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6' and 95 lbs - They claim to be older/younger than the photo looks - They claim to have blonde hair and blues eyes when the picture is dark hair and brown eyes or vice versa - They have a wedding ring on the photo yet they claim to be single - They claim to be Native American or some other ethnicity when the photo is Caucasian - Their specified age range seems to have no limit-e.g.” “Rip off” and “Fake Profiles” long before this hacking incident. Now that I’m done with this column, I need to figure out how to delete my profile, which apparently is not nearly as easy as signing up. ), which is called “Ashley Madison on the Down Low.” “Down low,” for those not familiar with the term, refers to presumably straight men who have sex with other men and then go home to their wives or girlfriends.On the homepage itself is the site’s unequivocal mission: “Men seeking other men for casual, no strings attached fun can find each other for chat, flirting, and more.” Got it. Unless we’re talking “friends with benefits.” As soon as I finished creating my fictitious profile, I hit search and was rewarded with 842 results, many of them with some variation of this tagline: “Married and happy but looking.” Okay, whatever.

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    He or she may have a profile you can read or a picture that is e-mailed to you.