Aol updating definition files

To move a message from your Spam folder back to your inbox: Voila!

You'll find the message back in your inbox filed under the original date you received it.

We have made a lot of progress in this rebuild of AOL Desktop and we couldn't have done it without the feedback and support of our beta testers! This latest version also contains some fixes that should alleviate the need to right click your mailbox folders and select "Refresh Mailbox" to sync your mailbox as well as the end of the evil gray box that appeared when you closed ADG.

Your AOL Mail account will block most spam from ever reaching your Inbox.

If our Global Filters decide to block an email, we return the message to the sender with a mailer-daemon error explaining why the email was returned. If it's been less than five days since you marked the message as Spam, you can still move it back to your inbox.

After five days, your Spam folder will be automatically deleted. AOL Mail scans your incoming messages and attachments for viruses to make sure the mail you're receiving is safe.

Emails from senders with bad reputation are blocked.

You will see the ADG circle flash on the screen when the update is completely installed.

AOL Desktop 11 is a total rewrite of the AOL Desktop for windows application.

To add an email address to your contacts: By marking messages as Spam or Not Spam you are customizing your personal Spam filter to learn what is spam and what is not.

AOL spam controls filter email for possible spam, even before the mail reaches your Inbox or .

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