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He controlled all archaeology executed within the Mexican borders.

He was a very opinionated man, and was a man whom very few people liked.

Through a friend, I contracted a "mole." This " mole" worked for the National Institute of Anthropology in the warehouses where all the artifacts from all excavations were kept.

And we had him look, and he found the artifacts from Hueyatlaco.

HUEYATLACO Many of our readers have been interested in the study of the site, Hueyatlaco, located in Puebla, Mexico. Geological Survey sent down a three member team who dated the site and found the range of very ancient dates mentioned above.

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"Dagwood" never gave his permission to reopen the site, though there were several requests.

Once "Dagwood" had stopped the excavations at the Hueyatlaco site, he realized that he was not finished.

He realized that he had to control more information and more knowledge.

About three years ago, this gentleman passed on to that "big dig in the sky where all archaeologists go." When that happened, it was once again a subject that could be talked about in the archaeological world.

We began doing interviews with different people that were related to the site or to the area at that time, We found archaeologists who now are very famous, but who were students then. In fact, he had found no artifacts whatsoever, and had a barren dig at the site.

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