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These features have not been introduced here in the US.

Its has it headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, near the city of Bologna, Italy.

We like hanging out and because of the age group we belong to, we cannot sit in our house. Then we thought that as all the songs are our babies, we cannot give importance to only one and we thought that if we name it as Sajni, other songs will not get the recognition.

And we are not into drugs also so we want to live our life, a normal human life. We thought we should go with the image as you know that 70% of the world is water and nobody can live without water, so we thought that we will make songs that will be liked by people and nobody would be able to live without listening to our songs and then water makes its own way wherever it goes. So we named it as Boondh and we don't have any song in this album with the name Boondh. We are three members in our band viz., Farhan Saeed, Gohar Mumtaz and Shazi.

The album contains melodious sound tracks which will rock the chart busters again and create a new history in the music world. The remix of Sajni is also coming out very soon which is sponsored by a local brand in Pakistan its DOP is done by Neil Lisk from USA and is directed by Bilal Lashari who has honed his skills from 'Academy of Art University', California.

The whole album is originally created which shows the consideration and concentration of the band towards their work. Tell us about your experience after coming to India? It feels very nice, whenever we come to India we get so much love and respect from everyone and after coming to Mumbai, we didn't have time to sit for a while and relax with our rehearsals and the two three performances we had was wonderful. Mumbai's crowd, the Bollywood bindass crowd have supported us so much that it really feels very nice to be here. A Turkish Animator Ismail Khan was specially flown in from Hollywood to assist Bilal Lashari for this track. Amrita is a brand ambassador and so are we, of the same brand in Pakistan, and this is how things clicked between us.

At the same time, if we appear casual in jeans or shirts, then a guy standing down the stage or a girl standing there will be able to relate with us as someone they know very well, so that's how you relate and interact one to one and it is not a conscious effort but we like going in that way, and we feel comfortable in that.

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