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Her employer, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, and the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School then suspended her.

It's a neat little design, with a nice sized display, and it is easily pocketable.who was gunned down in her mother's driveway in Aliquippa over the weekend was "a crime of passion." CBS Pittsburgh reports that police investigators say they'll take all the time they need to find and convict the killer of Rachael Del Tondo."We could not be taking this more seriously.We had a young woman, 33-years-old, shot to death on the driveway of her mother's house on Mother's Day evening," said Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier."It was a personal vendetta against her at the time."Over the next few days, investigators will sift through the evidence and examine her interpersonal relationships to find a motive and a suspect.Officials say it will take some time for investigators to collect the forensic evidence from the phones that were taken to Harrisburg.

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