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Alexis lives with her daughter in Greenwich Village. Not a Hoarder, Still a Slob 69Alexis and Jennifer on Cleaning and Organizing5. Drawing the Line at Fat Elbows 169Alexis and Jennifer on Weight Loss and Body Issues9.Jennifer lives with her husband and children on Long Island. The Devil Wore Palazzo Pants 201Alexis and Jennifer on Fashion10.") to fashion and grooming ("The Devil Wore Palazzo Pants") to cleaning and organizing ("Not a Hoarder, Still a Slob").You'll see it's okay not to measure up to perfectionistic standards of behavior and achievement at home, at work, and in relationships. “You’ll be grandma Martha at some point, a 3-year-old isn’t going to call you Martha? “I’m trying [to date,] the grandchildren are getting a little in the way,” she said with a smile.

She is the only child of Martha Stewart and her ex-husband Andrew.

Stewart previously co-hosted Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on Sirius Satellite Radio and as of September 13, 2010 also on television on the Hallmark Channel.

Stewart and former radio partner Jennifer Hutt talked about topics ranging from pop culture to personal relationships.

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