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Even though Dwayne recently revealed that he and Lauren do have plans to get married, they certainly aren't in any rush."We were going to get married in the Spring and we got pregnant," Dwayne told ET.Your partner will be weighing a lot of variables in determining where to go to grad school, not least of all financial aid packages or LGBT hospitality or specific strengths and focuses of the programs.If you have a hard-and-fast list of places you aren’t willing to live, she deserves to know before she turns down a place at a good school.Your partner is probably freaked out too, and she might be having some of the same worries as you are.When you talk to her, be honest about how the election has changed things for you. PICTURE NOT REQUIRED BUT IS PREFERED*Name-Age-Gender-Sexuality-Likes-Dislikes-Preferences-Anything Interesting About Me-Picture-Figure I might as well try this...Nowadays, it's rare to see a celebrity couple stand the test of time, but one pair who seem to have found a way to make it work are Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian.

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You say you also aren’t sure if you can subject yourself to life in a red state for the next two years.

Can you get some more clarity on what you are and are not willing to do?

She also applied to a few programs in states that went to Trump, and I’m especially not sure if I want to move to those places.

I’m having trouble sleeping, because I’m worried about what could happen to lesbian rights under Trump and to my partner and me specifically if we move to a red state.

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