Adultery dating sites

A data dump, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser.The files appear to include account details and log-ins for some 32 million users of the social networking site, touted as the premier site for married individuals seeking partners for affairs.Emily continues, “The run up to Christmas is hugely stressful and typically the bulk of responsibility for ensuring a happy and successful festive season falls on the shoulders of wives and mothers.“If come Christmas Day, it doesn’t match up to expectations or if exhausted wives feel that their huge effort has not been appreciated, it is understandable that many are seeking attention and approval elsewhere.” “When we launched Undercover Lovers three years ago we had approximately 7 men joining for every 3 women.The following sneaky sites and cell phone apps help them do so: Super-trashy but totally genius, Vaulty Stocks has the appearance of any other boring stocks application upon first glance.But this sneaky application is used for much steamier purposes than tracking what’s going on on Wall Street.Unlike most other cheaters’ dating sites, meet2cheat’s users are primarily women, perhaps because women get total site access for free, while men need to pay for their services. Even more, if a person tries to break into the app by using an incorrect password, Mobile Vault will take a snapshot of the spy.Adultery Dating Website Sees Massive Surge in Women Members Since Christmas Undercover, a dating website for married people seeking extra-marital affairs, has reported a record post-Christmas surge in women joining the site.

This data, which amounts to millions of payment transactions going back to 2008, includes names, street address, email address and amount paid, but not the full credit card numbers; instead it includes just four digits for each transaction, which may in fact be the last four digits of the credit card numbers or simply a transaction ID unique to each charge.

However we’ve also discovered that once women are active on Undercover Lovers, they’re likely to behave more promiscuously than their male counterparts.

sensitive customer information from the cheating site Ashley appear to have made good on their threat to post the data online.

Emily says, “Traditionally we believed that a woman who had an affair was looking for emotional fulfilment, whereas men were looking for sex. Today’s women are more independent, feel more powerful and have a greater sense of entitlement than previous generations.

“Increasing numbers of them are enjoying what they perceive to be no-strings flings. Instead they are searching for sexual and emotional variety in an otherwise humdrum routine.” Undercover Lovers have also noted significant differences in the way the sexes use their website.

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