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“My government is not interested in loans, it is interested in having those objects returned.” The gesture from V&A was made on the eve of the museum’s current exhibition that opened on April 5th showcasing its Meqdela collection on the 150th anniversary of the battle.

According to among the nearly two dozen objects featured at the V&A show include “a priestly gold crown, a gold chalice (both 1735-40), several processional crosses and imperial jewelry” that were forcefully removed from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian king had become upset after he failed to receive a reply to a letter that he had sent to Queen Victoria proposing to establish diplomatic and military alliance with his European counterpart.

In the end, Emperor Tewodros took his own life and avoided being captured alive as the British closed in on him at his mountain fortress in Meḳdelā.

He mentioned the national museum in Addis Ababa along with other modern museums such as the ones in Lalibela, Axum, Gondar, and Harar as well as universities with active programs on cultural heritage management.

“The whole of Ethiopia is a museum of its cultural heritage,” Hailemichael said at one point during the interview.

Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff April 22nd, 2018 New York (TADIAS) — Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the U.

The Center envisions the future of maintenance as a system that enables equipment to achieve and sustain near-zero breakdown performance with self-maintenance capabilities (self-aware, self-predict, self-compare, and self-configure), and ultimately to realize the autonomous transformation of raw data to useful information for improved reliability, productivity, and asset utilization.

IMS is focused on frontier technologies in predictive analytics including prognostics and health management technologies, cyber physical systems, industrial big data analytics, and intelligent decision support tools.

Our Mission and Vision IMS is internationally recognized as the leader in predictive analytics and industrial big data modeling for life cycle performance of industrial systems.

As the world pre-eminent NSF Industry/Univerity Cooperative Research Center, IMS is often the first to introduce new concepts and technologies to the research and industry communities.

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