1dreamboy one direction dating sim game

Many fans will remember the infamous game, 1Dream Boy, which was basically a simulator of getting to know (and date!) the members of One Direction, along with some unexplained guest appearances, such as Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell, or The Plastics from Obviously, the game is highly inaccurate.No one knows for sure why these tweets are being sent, and while many suspect that their accounts have been hacked, chances are that it’s just a glitch in the game.The game has two versions- the original and the second volume.

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But then again as the teacher has introduced 60% of the band I assume s/he will not make another appearance in the game, and they can retire knowing that they've fulfilled their role in life.

DISCLAIMER: I am trying to be funny, but more likely than not I'll come across as an asshole. a) Cross eyed sweater wearing girl b) Sultry seductress c) Hospital patient (Also why are they all white??? Don't worry honey, everyone feels like that about the first day of school.

There are 5 members of One Direction, I know my facts.

How would Liam win all of those air hockey matches, the guy broke his arm while breakdancing!

Everyone knows Louis says “footie”, never “soccer”, and just how many times can The Plastics kidnap Niall before getting arrested?

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