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A homeless Jesus statue came to the rescue on Monday by stopping a barreling truck from plowing into other cars and pedestrians as the driver was unable to bring the vehicle to a stop at a red light.

Army hero Noah Galloway's life dramatically changed in late 2005, when an improvised explosive device (IED) shattered his world, claiming both his left arm and left leg.

The #Never Trumpers don't seem to care how much Trump has accomplished for conservatives.

Tearing him down is more important than ensuring that he continue this progress.

Ireland's prime minister praised a "quiet revolution" in his country as exit polls, backed up by early results Saturday morning, show a landslide vote in favor of repealing the constitution's ban on abortion.

Liberty University students and faculty are helping produce an 85-minute feature film that will be shown in over 1,000 theatres nationwide highlighting one man's "Trump prophecy" and a movement of prayer that led up to the election of President Donald Trump.

What do some of the latest stats tell us about this sexual-media giant? porn revenues had been by 50%, due in large part to the amount of free pornography available online.

Covenant Eyes has released a new conglomeration of pornography statistics based on some of the best research. Just seven years ago, global porn revenues were estimated at billion, with billion coming from US consumers. It is estimated that 80-90% of Internet porn users only access free online material.

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, one of the top conservative Roman Catholic Church leaders in America, mused over Pope Francis' recent comments about God loving gay people by suggesting that Jesus Christ could have said the same thing.

It's become hip to criticize President Trump, even among conservatives.

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