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It was totally unexpected and exactly what our relationship needed.

Being unwell and bed ridden for some time my wife proudly displays on top of the bed head for her ultimate daily boost.

So as you can see i expected a lot from this and all my expectations were quite easily met :) Thanks Joshua A She loved it!

A customized book with our story made it a very personal experience.

I ordered this book for my husband for valentines day, we have been together for 30 years so looking for something a bit different. :) I shipped a love book to my boyfriend, and it arrived more than on time!

It was easy to make and design, very impressed with the postage as it should have arrived in 7 days but arrived in 2! The quality was amazing and the idea of personalizing this is just the cutest gift ever!

Quality is great, I received it even earlier than expected which was great because I could give it to him for Valentine's day even though I order it late. I gave the book to my boyfriend for Valentine’s day and he was extremely happy.

He definitely didn’t expect it and the best part was that the book was delivered at my university campus so he opened it in front of all our friends. The book was very different and thoughtful way of showing him my love for him.

They said they wished their boyfriends would do something like that for them. I gave her all the reasons I could think of why I loved her, and she cherished it more than she will any card. It was so easy to create and customized that I loved it, there were a lot of ideas so I just picked the ones that applied and changed the wording to how I would talk to him.Well, it came earlier than i expected and when i finally got the chance to see it in person it was ten times better than i expected.I would like to thank you to be quite honest as this present was very special to my other half and i got the exact reaction i expected.I am so grateful for this fun way to get express my love! Thank you I gave the book to my spouse as an anniversary gift and they loved it!There were even some tears which is huge because they never cry! I currently live in florida and my fiancee lives in california, when she received the package ,she facetimed me so I can watch her open it,..

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