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And many other guys think girls are manipulative and play hard to get all the time. Well, yes, we do like it when a guy that likes us can make the effort to prove that he’s worthy.But that doesn’t mean we toy with a man’s mind when we like them already![Read: 25 things that turn a girl on sexually and otherwise about a guy] The dating game girls wish guys could understand Even before we get to the list of things girls wish guys knew, I think guys really need to understand this. But when they do fall in love with a great guy, they fall pretty hard.

The way you think and the way girls think are just a wee bit different.

If you can make the effort to remember our special days and plan for it in advance, we’d only fall more in love with you with every new special occasion.

And don’t forget anniversaries and birthdays, that just hurts a lot more than you think. We take a lot of effort to look our best for the special guys in our life, even if it takes an hour a day to look perfect.

[Read: 12 giveaway signs that a girl definitely likes you] Just because men and women are different in the head doesn’t make women complicated confusions.

It is pretty frustrating though, when a guy just doesn’t take the effort to understand a girl better.

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