1 dating com manila one christian men dating non christian

The girls will be wearing matching uniforms and have numbered badges on.

You will not be able to talk to them, you just choose the one you think is the hottest.

Actually, most guys call this place Air Force One even though most that visit are using the sex massage spa at Flight 168, go figure.

We expect the next section to be what most guys are here for.

If you want to skip straight to the fun stuff just walk right past the Air Force One entrance and you will head to Flight 168 Massage.

It is free to enter and there is a fishbowl like set up.

At Flight 168 the massage girls upstairs will want 1500 on top of the 1200 room charge. If you head downstairs to ‘first class’ it will be 2000 for the room and 2500 for the girl.

That breaks down to roughly for the economy girls and for first class.

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